Make your mortgage payment during the Pandemic!

There’s a lot of chatter about not making your mortgage payment: “The government is letting me miss my payments for 3 months!” “My mortgage company is giving me a forbearance. I can defer my payments for 3 months.” “This won’t affect my credit history and it won’t negatively affect my credit rating.” Let’s clear the […]

Why Choose CalHomeCo?

We’ve got great referrals.  Check our Facebook, Youtube, Yelp, etc.  Ask us for references for recent clients.  Professionals use and recommend us. Real estate attorneys refer our services.  So do mortgage professionals. Even home inspectors push our construction services!   We have a huge amount of experience.  The two brokers that run CalHomeCo have sold over […]

How Will Building an ADU Change my Property Tax Rate?

An astute realtor posed this question to me a week ago: “My client bought her house 40 years ago for $100,000.  She’s interested in building an ADU but she doesn’t want her whole property re-assessed for property taxes.  What do you know about this?” Truthfully, I didn’t know the exact answer, but one of my superpowers […]

Selling Before, During, or After a Divorce

Divorces can get messy, but we can help with your real estate quickly.    As I’m writing this post, I’m sitting in court.  Don’t worry, I’m not in trouble. My clients are here for their divorce proceedings.  The husband is on board with us and ready to sell the house. The wife has been unresponsive […]