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Dear California Homeowner,

Let’s keep this short and to the point. We live in very challenging

times, and with the global pandemic causing so much loss of work many people are struggling to keep their homes.

Here at California Home Company (CalHomeCo) we have at least 10 courses of action you can take to stop your foreclosure, eight of which can keep you in your home. We can give you a useful overview of your options for your particular situation. Let us assist you in finding your best course of action.

We’ve been helping homeowners facing foreclosure since 2013. We help on average five homeowners a month avoid foreclosure and we haven’t charged a fee to any of them.

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Why CalHomeCo Offers Free Services:

We’re often asked by our clients, “What’s the catch?” We understand. Like any business, we do need to earn money some of the time for our efforts, but not always.

The answer is simple: relationships are key in this industry. It is always worth it to us to make a new connection by doing the right thing, even if you’re not a client yet. When we help a homeowner stop a foreclosure on their home, aside from the personal satisfaction we get, we have developed a new relationship in our community.

Often that homeowner later writes us a positive review, refers a friend or family member to us for their real estate, construction, or loan needs, all of which is important to us. If they don’t refer, that’s fine too. Our reputation is our lifeblood and because of this we will always put ourselves out there to help anyone that can use it.

We have the professional expertise to help you get relief from the pressure you’ve been under from your lender in these challenging times. We’re here for you. Are you ready to learn the steps that can quickly make your life a lot easier very quickly?


Our Foreclosure Team

HP Pulickal

Foreclosure Team Leader, President

Larry Kiehl

Training and Development

John Prentice

Foreclosure Solution Specialist

Rocio Olea

Foreclosure Prevention Admin

(619) 786 -4354


CalHomeCo is a wonderful company so willing to help people with foreclosure challenges. They recently saved my home from the auction block by calling me after working hours with advice what action to take to save my house, we beat the foreclosure auction sale by 3 days. They are a true friend with a heart that is in the right place. I do recommend them very highly.


So this will be an interesting review of CalHomeCo… My home ended up headed for foreclosure. Long story short, I was in a big, deep mess. I was contacted by CalHomeCo because their rep Matt was interested in helping me with my home, which was being auctioned off in a month or so… When I told him I was trying to keep my home and didn’t need help, he politely wished me well and left.

Fast forward a month. My phone rings, it’s Matt. He tells me my house is still on the auction list and it goes in two days! Mind you, I had paid back my lender the 45K I owed them! CalHomeCo found out the lender had not notified the attorney handling the auction sale!! At the very last moment, CalHomeCo talked me through what I needed to do to save my home!! They could have let the auction go through and bought the house at auction, but, instead, they worked to help me SAVE my home!! Now THAT is one good company!!!!

I’m not even a customer of CalHomeCo and yet they helped me. I cannot thank you enough!!! You’re the best I’ve ever come in contact with…. Incredible!! Thank you again!!! Bottom line – if you want to work with someone honest, hardworking, and truly amazing, call CalHomeCo!!”


The process was really smooth, a lot easier than I thought it would be. I’m grateful that I answered the door when CalHomeCo came to it that evening, Larry was my knight in shining armor. And then HP went out of his way to meet with me. Rocio has been amazing walking me through everything, putting up with my craziness, all of my questions. I was a deer in the headlights, but you’ve all been amazing. I’m very grateful for all the help you’ve given me.


H.P. and I have worked together on projects for a few years. I found him to be very professional, experienced and well respected in all areas of real estate from distressed properties, foreclosures, and conventional sales. He is a person who gets things done and is always pushing towards the final goal. He has such breadth and depth of knowledge I was willing to use him as an expert on real estate”


(619) 786 -4354