Selling Before, During, or After a Divorce

Henish Pulickal

April 24, 2019

Divorces can get messy, but we can help with your real estate quickly.   

As I’m writing this post, I’m sitting in court.  Don’t worry, I’m not in trouble. My clients are here for their divorce proceedings.  The husband is on board with us and ready to sell the house. The wife has been unresponsive so far.  I’m hoping to talk to her during a break in the hearing. In this case the house will be sold at the trustee sale if I can’t get the wife to cooperate.  

Oftentimes during a divorce emotions can get the best of you.  You may think you want to hurt your spouse by letting the house foreclose.  This is kind of like jealousy – it works the opposite of the way you want it to.  Yes, you will hurt your spouse if you let your home foreclose. But you will also hurt yourself!  Just do a web search of the term, “foreclosure consequences.” Some of the more common results include: inability to rent a new house, get any new credit (including cars and credit cards), or even get a new job (especially in the finance industry, military and government).   This is a huge penalty that can be avoided. Are those consequences worth trying to hurt your spouse during the divorce?

I recently completed a transaction with a couple that was legally separated.  The wife was sure that her husband would be uncooperative and had accepted that the house would have been foreclosed.  After I called and talked to the husband, he was on board immediately. I was able to make the process as simple as possible.  Both sellers were able to get several thousand dollars, the wife was able to stay in the house for several more weeks to move without rushing with her kids, and most importantly, they were able to prevent having a foreclosure on their record.  

You may think you have a difficult situation, but don’t let your real estate problems add to your headache.  

Call me for a free consultation. Even with a difficult spouse, there are things we can do to prevent your house from being sold at a trustee sale.  
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