Going the Extra Mile for Clients

Henish Pulickal

March 19, 2019

Finding a home for a client is not an easy task, especially in a seller’s market.  Any nice

property at a reasonable price often gets multiple offers with ultimately only one buyer that has the fortune to buy the home.  This typically results in very frustrated buyers and agents left shrugging their shoulders.

We at CalHomeCo don’t accept that.  When I have a buyer that knows what they want and is ready to buy, we make that happen.  There are a lot of small strategies with big impacts that we use to ensure that our buyers’ offers have the best chance of getting accepted.

Recently my real estate attorney asked me to help his family purchase their first home.  His family has been renting a condo for the past year and they loved the community. The neighborhood has lots of green space, great amenities and an ideal location.  Unfortunately, units don’t come for sale too often, and when they do, they get sold immediately.

When my buyers got their preapproval for a mortgage, there were no units available for sale.  They had a hard move out date within 2 months because the owners of the condo they were renting were going to be moving back in.  I proposed looking at units in other nearby communities. Then my buyer stated that unfortunately his wife started viewing properties with an agent from a discount real estate firm that offers rebates to their buyers.  

A regular agent would have been disappointed.  A regular agent only knows how to take clients to properties already listed for sale.  Fortunately for my buyers, I am not a regular agent.

Instead, I tapped into my resources, and got the names and phone numbers of every homeowner in the complex that owned the type of unit my buyer wanted.  I spent the next couple hours personally calling every homeowner on the list to let them know I had a buyer that was very motivated to purchase a property in their community.  I left a lot of voicemails, spoke to a lot of homeowners that were not interested in selling and also got several wrong numbers. I knew I planted some seeds, so let’s see what grows from it.  

Less than one hour later, I received a call back from one of the voicemails I left.  “Yes, hi, you left me a voicemail regarding a condo I own. Are you serious or are you trying to get a listing?”  

Yes, ma’am, I am serious.  We’ll meet you in 2 hours, check out the place and negotiate the terms.  And that’s exactly what we did. My buyer loved the place, it was identical to the unit he was already renting in the community, and this unit had a better location and some nice upgrades!  The seller admitted she was getting tired of renting it out, so this was a perfect scenario! Fast forward a few weeks to get the loan settled, I have some very happy buyers and sellers in this transaction that I basically pulled out of thin air.  

Next up, the construction arm of my company is now working with the new homeowners to build some lofted space and do some other upgrades in his new home.

What’s the moral of the story?  If you want regular, average service, call a regular agent.  There are a lot of them. If you want some real estate magic to happen, you know who to call.  

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